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Class Descriptions

SADHANA: A simple, steady, and consistent practice to connect with the meditative mind, intended to harness a deep level of presence in our day. The class is conducted with flow to ensure the most out of every moment, leaving space for long holds, breath, and always deep relaxation.


DHARMA: A time to learn, develop, and make progress on our own spiritual agenda. Expect some knowledge, variations and transition offerings, with some specified advice to be given for your own personal sadhana.


DHARMA+: Go to the edge, and observe the illusion of all limitations. A 2-hour special offering consisting of a "boundary-less" practice, incorporating all aspects of the yogic traditions to stimulate deep inner awareness and personal growth. 

New Free Class Each Month

Sina's Special 2021 New Years Class

January 3rd, 2021

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Strength & stability arise when we are supported. I am here to offer practices to support ourselves and provide the space to commune

This is a call for you to do the consistent self work to never let anything outside of you take away your happiness, your health, and your thoughts from what is truly important in life.


I've developed this new platform to share the great practices of yoga & meditation, through 5 live classes each week and a variety of on-demand classes to be guided into constant remembrance and Self-realization. It is the greatest gift that one can give for themselves.


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    Pay What You Can

    Given extenuating circumstances, we understand that many people have different financial limitations, which we strive to never limit one's spiritual growth. I am happy to make personal arrangements or offer a class for free. To get the conversation going, fill out the form below and let's connect!

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