There are 3 Unique Paths in the

Truth Seekers Union...


The path of the Seeker includes:


+ a One hour Zoom call

Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific -

with all other paths -

to discuss the monthly topic


+ access to all sessions

from the monthly topic


+ access to the community forum


+ access to a supportive

community from all 3 paths

The path of the Alchemist includes:


+ access to 

the One hour Zoom call -

Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific 

(everything on the Seeker path and...)


+ a monthly complete practice video


 + access to Alchemist Guide 

digital manual, a monthly playlist + more


+ one additional group check in per month to see how the practice is going.

The path of the Visionary includes:


+ this is personalized

one on one mentoring with

Tiaga Prem Singh


+ incl. regular scheduled calls

and counselling sessions

custom practices, support via text

email, etc. during the month.


(everything on the Seeker +

Alchemist paths)


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